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Authors Note: This post is meant to share my own personal experience, and is not meant to be a substitute for seeking help from a doctor or licensed mental health professional.

Panic disorder is a special kind of hell.

Once you have your first panic attack, the original trigger (heights, closed spaces, etc) doesn’t really matter anymore. Your primary fear becomes the experience of panic itself, and the horror that it can happen any time, any place.

When the source of your fear lives in your own mind, no place is safe. This is what causes some people to develop…

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If you’ve ever laid in bed in the early morning, staring at the ceiling and knowing you should get up and exercise if only you felt motivated, you’re not alone.

If you’ve read tons of books and listened to motivational speakers and podcasts and wondered why the heck you can’t hang on to motivation — and concluded you must just be lazy and defective, you are also not alone — and I am right there with you.

The vast majority of us don’t feel motivated all the time. We procrastinate and avoid tasks we know would be good for us…

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You’ve set a goal, and you just know you’re gonna crush it.

You’ve taken lots of time to create a strategy and plan your first few moves, and spent even more time blissfully daydreaming about the end result.

But when it comes time to execute — soon after you start taking your first real actions, something feels…wrong.

You’re struggling.

This is a lot more difficult and time consuming than you envisioned. You’re starting to feel frustrated, anxious and self-conscious. Doubtful thoughts start pouring in:

Why is this so hard for me?

Am I not good enough?

Was this a bad…

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I’ve been feeling the pull.

We’ve all been feeling it lately. The more uncomfortable you feel, the stronger the pull.

It’s coming from our smartphones, and it’s almost impossible to resist.

It’s the pull toward distraction, and it’s highly effective at relieving uncomfortable feelings.

It’s so effective, it should have it’s own pharma ad. I can see it now, a middle-aged woman with a silky voice walks toward the camera holding a smartphone:

Are you feeling bored? Restless? Anxious or slightly depressed? Ask your doctor about Distraction!

Distraction: Because in 2020, feeling your feelings is always optional.

Side effects may…

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I thought I had this lockdown thing nailed.

I had a schedule planned for my 2 young boys, fresh veggies neatly chopped and put into tupperware for easy-to-grab snacks, educational worksheets printed off, and fun activities set out.

The spare bedroom was clean, and set up to serve as an office for my husband and I for the next 30 days.

Everything was going surprisingly well — until it wasn’t.

On about the third day of lockdown, I was standing in the kitchen, seized by anxiety.

Toys were everywhere. We’d run out of food for lunch, and the kids were…

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We are seeing the world with new eyes.

A month ago in most parts of the USA, things were pretty normal. We went to work, chatted and joked with co-workers. We were still giving hugs, handshakes and high-fives. We had toilet paper.

Now our streets and offices are eerily empty and quiet. Co-workers and friend’s faces are somber. Some are hiding waves of panic and dread behind tight smiles and light-hearted memes.

A month ago most of us were sure we’d have jobs and income for the foreseeable future. …


It’s not the most uplifting time of the year.

January may start off with sincere intentions of fulfilling new year’s resolutions, but by February, many of us feel dragged down by low energy and mood.

Motivation starts to wane, and you feel like curling up under a weighted blanket and distracting yourself with Netflix until the sun returns.

But just because you don’t feel like bearing the cold wet weather to go to the gym or meet with friends, doesn’t mean you have to put your goals on hold.

Solitary time indoors is the perfect opportunity for in-depth self-reflection…

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My writing deadline is here.

I thought I was going to crush it, but here I am, at the list minute, trying to pull something out of my ass.

I was so excited this past new year’s, when my husband and I decided to become accountability partners and for once, I set myself some real, concrete goals.

I saw it as a bright, shiny epiphany — that accountability was the magical ingredient that was going to finally get me to write consistently.

I imagined myself scratching off the dates, one by one. And at the end of 2020, I’d have…

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It’s here again.

Your most dreaded house guest: a crappy mood.

Who knows what triggered it — maybe someone said something rude to you and you can’t stop ruminating about it.

Maybe you just can’t explain the sudden feeling of worry, anxiety or dread that seems to be creeping in.

Maybe you just can’t get motivated at work and feel guilty and depressed.

Either way, it sucks, and you want it to be over.

See, it’s not just the yucky mood that bothers you — your thoughts make it worse:

How long is this going to last?

There must be…

You should be a guru by now.

You’ve read so many self-development books over the years, it’s a wonder you haven’t transcended onto higher plane of existence, leaving a crumpled pile of clothing on your recliner.

Instead, here you are — very much on the Earthly plane — still struggling with issues like anxiety, self-doubt, perfectionism and procrastination.

Your phone is loaded too — with podcasts and audio books. You’ve got at least 50 blogs and articles bookmarked.

Yet sometimes it feels like you haven’t even read or listened to any of them. You still react badly to stressful situations…

Ivy Shelden

Personal growth blogger at Beyondyourblocks.net

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